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Screenshot of website - Seven Basic Narritives

^^ Above are screen-captures of a website describing seven narratives.  I used this website and these seven bullet point narratives to give me ideas for my children's story. ^^

Below are my brainstorm/Idea's for the exam.

I started this project by brainstorming ideas I could do for my final piece. First I wrote down thesaurus definitions that connect with the four key points of the project theme.

I then wrote down an idea on three separate sheets. These being Death/Murder, Animals and Alien Encounter. I then wrote underneath the things I could make for my final piece. I then chose one of those idea's and collected things to do with that subject. I decided on making a children's book to do with animals. I made a list of artists and children's books to do with this theme.

Children's Book Research

Below are a collection of children's stories which give me inspiration for my final piece  and story. I taken photographs of the original book and converted them into a video.  

Mole Hole - Jean Claverie / Peter Dickinson

Mole Hole is a children's story about a man who has a mole living in his garden of which is getting on his nerves. I find this book relevant to the exam theme experience, encounter and meetings as the story resolves around the man meeting the mole and trying to get the mole to leave his garden. I like this book because the images are all hand drawn. The book also has a turning wheel of which when you turn different pictures appear in the wholes in the page.

Mick Inkpen - Kipper's Beach Ball

Kipper's beach ball is a children's book about kipper the dog finding an inflatable beach ball in his cereal. I like how simple the drawings/images are. The book and it's writing is very clear and easy to read.

E.H. Shepherd - Wind in the willows / AnyYear Diary

Beatrix Potter

Old MacDonald's Farmyard Tales - Illustrated by Caroline Davis

Mr Men / Mr Strong and the flood. - Roger Hargreaves

The Gruffalo

I have decided to use the Gruffalo story as a base plan for writing my own story.

Stefan G. Bucher

Stefan G. Bucher
Stefan's Typepad profile

Below is a video of a step by step- timelapse on how Stefan Bucher creates his daily monsters.

My Artist Copy's

My own version in style of  artist's work.

Case Study

Andy Martin

When researching 'Monsters' in google images I came across this Artist. Andy Martin. I looked through his website/blog viewing his drawing/videos and instantly liked his style and technique of work. Andy Martin is a freelance designer/director which is based in London. He has done work clients such as  channel 4, E4, Sky, Tesco and the BBC. He has won a Design Week Award for designing, directing and animating. On his website you can find animations, illustrations and objects from ongoing projects such as 'Little Old Men.'

Artist Copies.

My Emulations

Case Study

Flanimals - Ricky Gervais Illustrated by Rob Steen

- Ricky Gervais 

Illustrated by 
Rob Steen

Zara Gonzalez Hoang

Zara Gonzalez Hoang

Zara Gonzalez Hoang lives in Minneapolis where she runs a small creative studio. She likes working with digital media best, including UX, interface design, interactive design and mobile application design. In addition to design, she also works as an illustrator and enjoys merging the two whenever possible. Her favorite parts of life involve travel and meeting interesting people. - Source
For Information on the Artist -

Drawings/Doodles of subject matter

Character Design.

Photos of subject matter

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Below are photographs of monsters I have made using clay/modelling dough.

Click to see move!

Click to see move!

Paraphernalia of subject matter

This is a collection of images I have found of monster on Google images. Below are some screen-captures of Google images showing clipart/illustrations of cartoon Monsters.

Copies of other artists work

This is my copy of a Flanimal. I drew it freehand from the original book and then colored it in using watercolor.

For this artist copy I drew out the outline of Andy Martin's original clay/plastercine model. Then I edited the colors in Photoshop.

E.H Shepard
My Copy - Black Biro Pen.

I created this artist copy before finally deciding on my animal/monster theme. I also liked the way that the artist E.H. Shepard hand-draws delicate and very detailed illustrations in his books. Using his method I made my own copy using black biro pen.


Above is my copy of another Flanimal. I drew out the outline of the character and then edited the coloring in photo-shop.

Case Study

My case study is on the Flanimal book series written by Ricky Gervais and Illustrated by Rob Steen. The narrative of the book is to be a guide explaining everything about fictional Flanimal characters and it's kingdom. It is a children's book containing a guide of images of Flanimals. Flanimals are creature/Alien/Monsters. Beneath this is a small description describing that certain Flanimal. For example what it likes and does. This is a theme throughout the book and it's series. Some of the characters are a main feature in the book series. For example the Puddolflaj, the Grundit & the Clunge Ambler can be found at least one on every book.

The first thing that drew me to the book is the bold color used. I also like how it isn't like an useral children's book but instead more of a guide on the non-fictional characters inspired by the writer Ricky Gervais. It makes me turn the page and read on to see other designs of characters/Flanimals have been created. Another thing I like is that the book has been split up into chapters.

To create this book, illustrator Rob Steen would of hand/line drawn the characters using the rough drawings from Ricky Gervais as inspiration and a guide. He would then upload and edit them using an softawre editing program such as Photoshop or illustrator, experimenting with the use of colour, texture and gradients. He would then of had to make a dummy book of how the final composition would appear, including thumbnails and a master-copy.

The colour Palette used by Rob Steen on the Flanimal characters are mainly primary colour's. E.g red, pink, blue, yellow, orange and green. The characters are hand-drawn and then edited using a digital-editing software such as Photoshop. Ricky Gervais gives Rob Steen some rough drawings of his idea's. Rob then finalises the idea's and recreates the characters, where you can see the evidence of the hand that made it because of the line drawing. Each character has been placed separately onto a page, unless it is a double page/poster style where all or most character are merged together.